Mystical Lands: A Egypt and Jordan Adventure


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Discover the wonders of Egypt and Jordan on this unforgettable tour. Explore the ancient pyramids of Giza, sail down the Nile River, and discover the Valley of the Kings. Then, venture to Jordan to visit the rose-red city of Petra, experience the stunning desert landscape of Wadi Rum, and float in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea. With expert guides and comfortable accommodations, this tour is the perfect way to experience the history, culture, and natural beauty of two incredible countries. Book your adventure today!

Price starting from $ 4989  New York


Egypt and Jordan are two countries in the Middle East, each with a rich history and vibrant culture. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings, which are among the most iconic archaeological sites in the world. Egypt is also home to the Nile River, which is the longest river in the world and provides a source of life for the people of Egypt. Jordan is known for its stunning desert landscapes, including the famous red rock city of Petra, which was carved out of sandstone cliffs over 2,000 years ago. The Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on Earth, is also in Jordan and is known for its unique healing properties. Both Egypt and Jordan have a rich cultural heritage, with a blend of ancient and modern influences. The local cuisine reflects this blend, with dishes that combine traditional ingredients and cooking methods with modern twists. Together, Egypt and Jordan offer a wealth of experiences for travelers, from exploring ancient wonders to immersing oneself in local cultures and traditions.


Prepare yourself! You are leaving today for Cairo to start your magical journey to Egypt.

Upon arrival in Cairo, claim your bags and proceed toward the arrival hall.  Our representative will meet you and assist you with your transfer to the hotel. (Standard check-in time is 3:00 pm). Our local representative will assist you with a smooth check-in.

Check-in at the hotel and catch up on your rest. You can unwind or tour the city throughout the remaining part of the day.

Overnight in Cairo

Begin your day with a delightful buffet breakfast at the hotel and then embark on a full-day guided tour to explore one of the Seven Wonders of the world - the Great Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids, which include Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus, were once considered by the Greeks to be a marvel of the world. It is astonishing to learn that a single pyramid is constructed from 2.3 million blocks, each weighing around two and a half tons. The sheer enormity of this architectural wonder is enough to leave one in awe, a feeling that countless writers and artists have tried to capture throughout the centuries. The Cheops Pyramid is especially fascinating as its interior burial chambers are open to the public for inspection.

Located close to the Pyramids is the Great Sphinx of Giza, which dates back to the time of Chephren (2620 BC). This incredible statue, made from natural yellowish limestone and standing at a height of 65 feet and length of 187 feet, is a unique combination of a Pharaoh's head with a lion's body. After visiting the Pyramids, you can take a quick trip to the papyrus institute or a perfume shop.

Lunch will be at a local restaurant, and after that, you will be transported back to the hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to relax and unwind at your own pace.

Overnight in Cairo

Following your breakfast at the Cairo hotel, our representative will transport you to the airport for your flight to Aswan. Upon reaching Aswan, you will be escorted to the Cruise ship. Following check-in, indulge in a delicious lunch and then proceed to visit The High Dam. This dam was erected in 1960 AD by the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser to protect Egypt from the flooding of the Nile River.

After that, you will board a motorboat and sail on the Nile to reach the Temple of Philae. This temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, was constructed during the Graeco-Roman period. Your next stop will be The Unfinished Obelisk, which was created from red granite and was dedicated to the god Amun Ra. Once you've completed your tour, you will return to your Cruise ship. The rest of the evening is at your leisure to explore on your own.

You will have dinner and spend the night onboard the Cruise ship.

Overnight on Board the Cruise

You have the morning to yourself in Aswan to do as you wish. For those interested, we highly recommend our optional excursion to the temples of Abu Simbel, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site called the "Nubian Monuments".

For those who choose to remain onboard, you can enjoy breakfast and then join your Egyptologist tour guide to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the gods Sobek and Haroeris. After returning to the ship, you can enjoy your lunch while admiring the beautiful scenery of the Nile. In the afternoon, you can take a chariot ride to visit the well-preserved Temple of Horus in Edfu with your tour guide. After the tour, you will return to the ship and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing onboard. Dinner will be served on the ship, followed by an entertaining Egyptian Folkloric Show party in the evening.

Overnight on Board the Cruise

In the morning, we will visit the Edfu Temple, which is devoted to the deity Horus, before having breakfast. After that, the cruise ship will sail to Esna, where we will cross the famous floodgate. Once we reach Luxor, the grand city that was once the capital and known as Thebes, we will explore two of the most impressive temples in Egypt - the Luxor and Karnak temples, which were separated in ancient times by a three-kilometer-long avenue lined with Sphinxes. We will have lunch there and spend the night anchored in Luxor.

Overnight on Board the Cruise

After having breakfast and checking out, you will embark on a tour to explore the East Bank of Luxor. The tour includes visiting the impressive Karnak Temples Complex, which is renowned for being the largest construction of its kind globally, covering an area of one hundred acres. You will conclude the tour at the Temple of Luxor, constructed by a king from the 12th dynasty and completed by the famous king Ramses II. After finishing the tour, you will be taken to Luxor airport for your flight back to Cairo. Once you arrive in Cairo, you will be transported to your hotel, and the rest of the evening is yours to enjoy at your leisure. You can choose to visit the Khan el Khalili bazaar, which is the perfect spot for some last-minute souvenir shopping.

Overnight in Cairo

Morning you will be picked up from your hotel in Cairo to take you to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Located in Old Cairo, the museum showcases 50,000 artifacts and will tell you the story of Egyptian heritage and culture. Next, you will visit Saladin Citadel, built in 1183. This huge structure protected Cairo from several enemy attacks. Admire the beautiful city views of Cairo and the desert from the citadel. Listen to interesting stories about its construction and history from your guide. Then, it’s time to enjoy an authentic lunch at a local restaurant. Move to visit the Egyptian Museum, which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period. The museum displays a rare collection of 5000 years of art which is considered the largest and most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world. Over 250,000 genuine artifacts are presented, including an exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamen's collection of treasure, gold, and jewelry which was enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1920s when his tomb was discovered. After a memorable day discovering the city, you will be dropped off at your selected location or hotel in Cairo

Overnight in Cairo

Your incredible tour of Egypt comes to an end today. You will be transported to the airport for your flight to Amman. Upon arrival at Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan, you will receive assistance through all immigration procedures before embarking on a tour of Amman. During the tour, your guide will provide historical context for the city, which dates back to 3500 B.C. or earlier, and share insights into its past under the Roman Empire, Nabataeans, and Byzantines. You will visit notable attractions such as the King Abdullah Mosque, Parliament Building, and Orthodox Church, and explore the Amman Citadel with a private local guide. Here, you will discover ancient relics from Roman, Byzantine, and early Islamic times, including the Temple of Hercules and the Archaeological Museum. You will also see the Roman Amphitheater with its Hashemite Plaza, which could accommodate up to 6,000 spectators, and the Museum of Popular Traditions, which showcases traditional dress and jewelry. Additionally, you will have free time to explore downtown Amman's vibrant markets, traditional mosques, and churches, and stroll along Rainbow Street, Amman's colorful arts and shopping destination. Your day will end with a drop-off at your hotel or at one of the city's stylish malls, such as Galleria Mall, Taj Mall, or Abdali Boulevard.

Overnight in Amman

After breakfast, embark on a scenic drive along the King's Highway, an ancient road mentioned in the Bible that connects prehistoric villages from the Stone Age and biblical towns. Take a break at Madaba, also known as the City of Mosaics, located about 30 kilometers south of Amman. Here, visit the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, which is home to the renowned 6th-century Byzantine mosaic map of holy sites in the biblical world. Next, head to Mount Nebo, which is believed to be the burial site of Moses and offers breathtaking views of the Holy Land from its 840-meter-high summit. Continuing along the King's Highway, reach the stunning Kerak Castle, one of the largest Crusader castles in the Levant, built in the 12th century AD. Located on a hilltop at an altitude of 1000 meters and surrounded by a valley on three sides, Kerak has been inhabited since the Iron Age and was an important city for the Moabites. Finally, arrive at Petra for an overnight stay at the hotel, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the evening.

Overnight in Petra

After breakfast, spend a full day exploring the stunning ancient city of Petra, often called the "Rose Red City." Recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra is a valuable treasure and top tourist destination in Jordan. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, Petra was built more than 2,000 years ago by the Nabateans, who carved impressive tombs, temples, palaces, and the famous Treasury monument, Al Khazneh, from the natural rose-colored rocks and sandstones of the desert. Begin your visit by walking or taking a short horse ride through the Siq, a narrow canyon that leads to the entrance of the old city. As you reach the end of the Siq, the stunning Treasury monument slowly comes into view. Petra was an important hub for trade routes linking the East and West, and your knowledgeable guide will lead you through this unique and extraordinary place, explaining its architectural and spiritual significance. Overnight in Petra after an enriching day of exploration.

Overnight in Petra

After breakfast, embark on a thrilling Bedouin 4X4 ride through the captivating Wadi Rum desert. This vast and echoing expanse of ancient valleys and towering sandstone mountains is a true desert gem, offering visitors an unforgettable experience of the desert's romantic allure. Wadi Rum is also home to several Bedouin tribes living in scattered camps and is a top destination for climbers due to its sheer granite and sandstone cliffs, and hikers for its vast open spaces. It is perhaps best known for its connection to the enigmatic British officer T.E. Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917-18, and for being the filming location for David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia.

In the afternoon, drive along the Wadi Araba Road towards the Dead Sea, located in the stunning Jordan Rift Valley, for some leisure time. Take a dip or float in the sea's mineral-rich waters, or treat yourself to a natural mud spa treatment from the Dead Sea's earth. The Dead Sea is a truly spectacular natural and spiritual landscape, with its unique location at the lowest point on Earth (423m below sea level) and flanked by mountains to the east and the rolling hills of Jerusalem to the west. Its incoming rivers, including the River Jordan, are landlocked and evaporate, leaving behind a dense and rich cocktail of salts and minerals that are highly valued in industry, agriculture, and medicine. The area is believed to have been home to five Biblical cities: Sodom, Gomorrah, Adman, Zebouin, and Zoar, adding to its otherworldly beauty and spiritual significance.

Overnight in the Dead Sea

You have a free day to relax and enjoy the beauty and benefits of the Dead Sea. Swim or float in the sea's therapeutic waters, which are rich in minerals and salts, or indulge in a spa treatment using the natural mud from the Dead Sea. You can also take a stroll along the shores of the sea and enjoy the stunning landscapes, surrounded by mountains to the east and rolling hills of Jerusalem to the west. The area is known for its peacefulness and serenity, offering a perfect environment for relaxation and contemplation. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can explore nearby attractions such as ancient ruins, and nature reserves, or visit the nearby town of Madaba, known as the "City of Mosaics."

Overnight in the Dead Sea

Following breakfast, depart at 10:00 AM to the ancient Roman city of Jerash for a half-day tour. Known as the Jewel of the North, Jerash is one of the largest and best-preserved Roman architecture sites outside of Italy. It has a rich history, with human habitation dating back over 6,500 years. During Roman rule, Jerash reached its golden age and is now widely regarded as one of the best-preserved Roman provincial towns in the world. After being buried in sand for centuries, the city was excavated and restored over the past 70 years, revealing grand, formal provincial Roman urbanism. Visitors can admire paved and colonnaded streets, hilltop temples, impressive theaters, public squares and plazas, baths, fountains, and city walls with towers and gates.

After exploring Jerash, continue on to Ajloun for a visit to Ajloun Castle. Located 28km from Jerash and 76km northwest of Amman, Ajloun is a hilly town renowned for its remarkable ruins and the 12th-century fortress, Ajloun Castle, built by Saladin's nephew. Finally, you will be driven to Amman International Airport for your return flight home. Thank you for choosing to travel with us.


Conrad Cairo Hotel & Casino

Conrad Cairo is situated in the heart of the bustling downtown overlooking the magnificent River Nile. Nearby the Egyptian Museum and 5 minute's walk from Nile City shopping mall. Conrad Cairo features spectacular views of the River Nile, enjoys access to the city center businesses as well as legendary attractions, and 30 minutes to the Great Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx by car.

This 5-star luxury hotel offers city explores premium rooms with a private balcony featuring views of the Nile River, a comfortable sitting area, and a work desk. All rooms have a flat-screen TV with movie channels, a DVD player, a marble bathroom that comes with a separate bathtub, a walk-in shower, signature fragrance amenities, and a fluffy bathrobe, slippers, and a hair dryer, Guests can enjoy the free WiFi in all rooms, public areas, and meeting rooms. Facilities include a heated outdoor pool, Room Service available around the clock, a glamorous international casino and bar available 24/7, and a health club with modern fitness equipment, a 24-hour gym, sauna, steam, massage rooms, and on-site shops.

The hotel offers 6 restaurants and bars for clock dining and entertainment; Savor the modern Italian cuisine at Oak Restaurant. Experience Pan Asian flavors at Kamala Asian Bar & Dining, sample the extensive breakfast buffet or choose from the delectable à la carte menu for lunch at Solana Restaurant or enjoy Egyptian Lebanese cuisine t Jayda Nile Terrace, served in a stunning outdoor setting. Unwind in the glitz and glamour of Stage One Lounge & Bar and soak up the multi-cultural vibes of Cairo.

This Landmark boasts 11 flexible meeting and banquet rooms including one of the city’s largest ballrooms. Khan El Khalily Bazaar is 30 minutes drive away from the hotel, while Cairo Tower is 10 minutes. Cairo International Airport is 25.7 km away.

Blue Shadow Nile Cruise III

In November 2015, the Princess Nile Cruises Company launched its newest addition, the Blue Shadow Nile Cruise. With its 56 deluxe cabins, three Presidential Suites, and one Royal Suite, this luxurious cruise liner began its journey down the Nile River.

Each of the cabins onboard the MS Blue Shadow Nile Cruise offers guests a private bathroom with a shower room, modern air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite, a mini-bar fridge, a music system, a mail message telephone system, and a fire alarm. In addition, each cabin has a panoramic soundproof window.

For those who desire even more luxury, the Presidential Suites offer all the above amenities as well as an extra room for relaxation and taking in the stunning scenery. The sleeping and living areas are separated within each suite.

The Royal Suite is a unique and exceptional accommodation that includes all the amenities of the Presidential Suites, with the addition of a living area featuring a beautiful soundproof panoramic window.

The dining experience aboard the MS Blue Shadow Nile Cruise is one-of-a-kind, offering a fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines, including oriental, western, and vegan food options served on an open buffet. The restaurant also provides international and vegan cuisine.

In addition to its exceptional dining, the cruise ship offers a range of facilities for guests to enjoy, including a lovely swimming pool, an open-air jogging track on the sundeck, a gymnasium, massage rooms, playing cards and reading rooms, an emergency medical care clinic, and an express pressing and 24/7 laundry service.

Guests can also enjoy classical music performances, relax and rejuvenate in the exquisite spa, lounge area, or privacy of their guestrooms. The crew aboard the MS Blue Shadow Nile Cruise is polite, professional, and responsive to guests' every need.

Overall, the MS Blue Shadow Nile Cruise offers a luxurious and unforgettable experience, with exceptional cuisine, comfortable and spacious accommodations, and a range of facilities to make guests feel right at home.


Land Mark Hotel Amman

The elegant Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center is located in the heart of the diplomatic and business districts of Amman. It offers free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center.

All the modern and spacious rooms of Landmark Amman & Conference Center have seating areas and satellite TV.

Fitness n’ Wellness health club offers a wide range of gym equipment as well as a hot tub and a sauna. Massages treatments include a deep tissue massage and a shiatsu massage.

There are 6 restaurants and bars, including Colours All Day Restaurant. Fresh juices are available at Sugar Cube. Ghoroub is located on the 13th Floor and serves delicious refreshments and cocktails.

Landmark Amman is a 5-minute drive from the Roman Theatre. Marka International Airport is 8 km away and 10 minutes by car to Sofex Exhibition. Free private parking is available.

Movenpick Nabatean Castle

Offering a spectacular view over Great Rift Valley, Movenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel features, free Wi-Fi in all areas, a great indoor pool, and a lovely outdoor terrace, just a 10-minute drive from Petra.

Beautifully on a hillside in Wadi Musa, Nabatean Castle Hotel is designed in the local Islamic style and offers clean and spacious rooms. Each one is fully air-conditioned and has a free minibar and a private balcony.

Start the day with a complimentary breakfast buffet. Enjoy a drink next to Nabatean Castle’s charming fountain and admire the spectacular view over the Great Rift Valley. Burn off some energy in the modern fitness center or have a refreshing swim in the indoor pool.

The location of Nabatean Castle Hotel allows you to be just 10 minute drive from the historic site of Petra, whilst enjoying the magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley.

Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa

This Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa, on the shores of the mineral-rich Dead Sea, is set against the backdrop of rugged mountains. It features saltwater and freshwater pools, whirlpools, and saunas.

All air-conditioned rooms feature soothing colors and balconies, some of which overlook the Dead Sea. The beds are made with luxurious down comforters and feather pillows. A hairdryer, safe, and minibar are all available. All of our guest rooms are newly renovated. Also, the resort is now smoke-free. All guest rooms and indoor public spaces are smoke free.

The Marriott Dead Sea Resort's extensive spa offers a pleasant retreat where guests can enjoy rejuvenating beauty and health treatments. There is also a lap pool and therapy baths.

The Dead Sea Resort & Spa has 2 restaurants serving Italian and International fare and a steakhouse. Its choice of bars includes the Champions Sports Bar and Oasis Lounge, offering water pipes and Dead Sea views.

This resort is under one hour’s drive from Queen Alia Airport. The city of Madaba, famous for its ancient mosaics, is just 35 km away. The hotel offers free parking.

Rate Include

  • 06 Nights Accommodation in listed hotels or similar based on DBL / TWN sharing basis
  • 03 Nights on Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor
  • Daily Breakfast
  • 2 Lunch in Cairo, and Full board during your stay in Hurghada
  • All meals and entertainment while on board the Nile Cruise
  • Entrance to the attractions as specified in the itinerary
  • Transport in private / scheduled touring vehicles
  • Services of English-speaking driver/ guide for all transfers and sightseeing
  • International Return Airfare ex New York  (Please check with price from other gateways)
  • Porterage of one piece of luggage in and out of hotels
  • Air taxes and fuel surcharges
  • All local applicable taxes

Rate Exclude

  • All other meals
  • All other sightseeing or Services
  • Gratuities for meals, tourist guides, drivers
  • Beverages during the meals
  • Egypt entry Visa Fee $35 Per person
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses such as alcoholic and other beverages, telephone calls and laundry
  • Any other services or Items not mentioned above as included
  • Local city taxes to be paid directly at hotels upon check out

Add On Service

Optional Tour

Dinner Cruise on the Nile River with Entertainment (Minimum 2 Pax) - Day 3 - CairoNight & Entertainment
+ $ 65 / person
Nubian Village Tour (Minimum 2 Pax) - Day 4 - AswanSpecial
+ $ 40 / person
Abu Simbel day trip (Minimum 2 Pax) - Day 5 - AswanSpecial
+ $ 210 / person
Early Morning Luxor West Bank Hot Balloon (Minimum 2 Pax) - Day 7 - LuxorSpecial
+ $ 150 / person
Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids (Minimum 2 Pax) - Day 8 - CairoSpecial
+ $ 75 / person

Planning a trip to Egypt ?

Visa requirements:

  • In order to enter Egypt (and Jordan on the tour extension), U.S. and Canadian citizens need a valid passport with an expiration date extending at least six months beyond the date of reentry.
  • We recommend having at least two blank passport pages for entry stamps.
  • U.S. and Canadian passport holders must obtain a visa in order to enter Egypt. You can purchase your visa at the airport upon arrival for $25. The entry authorities require exact change in crisp, new bills. You can purchase an electronic visa on the Egyptian Electronic Visa Portal website. Passport control officers at ports of entry can verify your e-visa in their systems. However, we advise keeping either a digital or hard copy of your e-visa in case of any system failures.
  • For Jordan, For Jordan,  Visitors to Jordan must have a visa, which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport or land borders. Some nationalities may require a visa in advance, so it's important to check the requirements before you go.  Additionally, we can arrange for the visa, at a supplement cost of $45 
  • If you are not a U.S. or Canadian citizen, you must contact each destination country’s consulate for your specific entry requirements.

Dress code: Egypt and Jordan are conservative countries, particularly outside of major tourist areas. Dress modestly, covering your shoulders and knees, especially when visiting religious sites.


Egypt is located in a desert climate, so it can get very hot during the day, particularly during the summer months (June to August). Bring light and breathable clothing, and stay hydrated.

Jordan has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The best time to visit is during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November), when the weather is mild.

Language: Arabic is the official language of Egypt and Jordan, but English is widely spoken and understood in tourist areas.


For Egypt - The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). Credit cards are widely accepted, but it's always a good idea to have some cash on hand.

For Jordan - The official currency of Jordan is the Jordanian dinar (JOD). You can exchange money at banks, and exchange offices, or withdraw cash from ATMs. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Culture and customs:

Egypt has a rich and complex culture with many customs and traditions. Be respectful of local customs, particularly when visiting religious sites, and avoid public displays of affection.

Jordan has a rich cultural heritage, and visitors should take the time to learn about the local customs and traditions. It's also important to be respectful when visiting religious sites and to remove shoes before entering mosques and homes.

Transportation: Egypt and Jordan have extensive public transportation systems, including buses, trains, and taxis. Private tours and drivers are also available.

Electricity: In Egypt and Jordan, the standard voltage is 220-240 volts, with a frequency of 50 Hz. Electrical outlets in Egypt are Type C (European two-pin), Type F (Schuko two-pin), and Type G (British three-pin). If you're coming from a country with a different voltage, you may need a voltage converter or adapter to use your electronics in Egypt. It's always a good idea to check the voltage requirements of your devices before you travel and to bring an adapter if necessary. Many hotels in Egypt will have outlets that can accommodate a variety of plug types, but it's always best to check beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Food and water:

For Egypt - Avoid drinking tap water in Egypt and be cautious about eating food from street vendors.

For Jordan - Jordanian cuisine is diverse and delicious, with influences from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Visitors should try local specialties such as falafel, hummus, and mansaf, which is the national dish. Tap water is not drinkable, so it's important to drink bottled water or use a water filter.

Time Zone: Egypt & Jordan are in the Eastern European Time Zone (EET), which is two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+2).


Egypt is generally a safe country, but like any major tourist destination, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions against theft and pickpocketing.

Jordan is a safe country for tourists, with a low crime rate. However, it's always important to take basic safety precautions, such as avoiding dark alleys at night and not leaving valuables unattended.

Archaeological sites: Egypt and Jordan is home to many archaeological sites and museums, which require a certain level of respect and care. Be mindful of your actions and avoid touching or damaging any ancient artifacts or ruins.


I had an incredible time on my Egypt and Jordan tour. Voyages Hub was fantastic, and our guides were knowledgeable and passionate about sharing their culture and history with us. We visited iconic sites like the Pyramids of Giza and Petra, but also had the opportunity to explore some lesser-known spots, which was a real treat. The accommodations were comfortable and clean, and the food was delicious. I highly recommend this tour for anyone interested in history, culture, and adventure!

Jeniffer Tully verified

Our Egypt and Jordan tour with Voyages Hub was truly amazing. From the moment we arrived, we felt well taken care of and were able to enjoy the trip without any worries. The guides were knowledgeable and friendly, and the itinerary was well-planned, allowing us to see all the top sites and learn about the history and culture of both countries. We also appreciated the flexibility and personalized attention we received from Voyages Hub. Overall, a great experience that exceeded our expectations

Karisma Turner verified

I recently went on an Egypt and Jordan tour, and I must say, it was one of the best trips I've ever taken. Voyages Hub partners in both Egypt and Jordan did an excellent job organizing the trip, and our guides were knowledgeable and passionate about sharing their countries with us. I especially enjoyed visiting Petra and exploring the Wadi Rum desert. The accommodations were also top-notch, and the food was delicious. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for an immersive cultural experience.

Sapeallah Carr verified

This Egypt and Jordan tour was the trip of a lifetime. Voyages Hub was professional and accommodating, and our guides were friendly and knowledgeable. We saw all the top sites, from the Pyramids of Giza to the Dead Sea, and even had the opportunity to ride camels in the desert. The accommodations were comfortable and clean, and the food was excellent. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in exploring these fascinating countries

Lavonna Hicks verified