Referral Program

We appreciate your efforts in spreading the word about Voyages Hub more enthusiastically than ever. Our travel referral program is one of the finest in the industry, and we're just getting started!

Here's how it works: for each agent or tour leader you refer to us, we'll reward you with $50 in travel credits. Refer two agents, and you'll receive $100. And the best part? There's no limit!

Why not invite your friends to join us this year? Not only will you all save money, but you'll also have an incredible time. You can refer as many people as you like to earn credits, so spread the word to as many agents or tour leaders as possible!

To participate, you must already be a customer of Voyages Hub Tours. Once you've booked your first tour and paid the deposit, you can start referring and earning credits.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Referred passengers must be new clients who have never booked a trip with Voyages Hub Tours before.
  2. The referrer may not be on the same tour as the referred traveler.
  3. The $100 referral traveler discount will be applied at the time of booking and cannot be combined with any other discounts except the early booking discount.
  4. The referral discount for new clients cannot be used for optional Travel Insurance or the non-refundable tour deposit.
  5. Referral credits cannot be used to cover the non-refundable reservation deposit.
  6. Referral credit can only be redeemed on the next tour.
  7. Any future tour credits on your account, along with any additional referral credits, can be combined and used for current or upcoming reservations with a balance due.
  8. Each Referral Credit must be used in full on a single booking. Any remaining balance after payment of the booking is forfeited and cannot be applied to another booking.
  9. Referral credits are valid for two years from the date of issuance and must be applied to a reservation before they expire.
  10. Information provided is accurate at the time of sending and is subject to change.